I hold consultations from my clinic in Hoylake, the Wirral OR, for those who those who just can’t make it to a face to face appointment, I also offer 100% online consultations. Your online consultation can be via skype or via email. You may even prefer a phone call.

You can book via email annewrightdietitian@gmail.com or you can call me on 07597900041 (please do leave a message if I cant answer straight away)

FEES: see below

I can help you with:

I also work with:

  • Food allergies and intolerances – adults and older children (please note I will refer children under 12 with allergies to the NHS paediatric service and I do not accept IgG testing results)
  • Poor immunity, fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues
  • Eczema, migraine, acne
  • Arthritic complaints, inflammatory conditions
  • Autoimmune conditions including hidradenitis suppurativa
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Coeliac disease and gluten sensitivities
  • Pre, ante and postnatal nutrition
  • Care of the elderly
  • Managing cancer and it’s treatments

Clinic Location/hours:

Clinics are generally held on Wednesday and Thursdays 9 – 4 pm but I can be flexible, just ask.
I see clients at :
Hoylake Parade Community Centre, Hoylake 31 Hoyle Rd, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 3AG
There is plenty of parking.
Fees are below.

Please contact me via one of the following BELOW – to book
  • The website contact form
  • Email annewrightdietitian@gmail.com or
  • Online (Facebook or Twitter)

Why choose AM Dietetics?:

  • I have nearly 25 years’ experience as a Dietitian and Nutritionist. The last six years of my career has included teaching student Dietitians “how to”.
  • I am a fully accredited and registered Dietitian and a fully accredited and registered Nutritionist.
  • I don’t fall back on the lazy approach of using old information. I offer up to date, evidence-based approaches to dietary management.
  • I use a health coaching model and can work with a Non-Diet (weight neutral)approach approaches for weight concerns. if you like.
  • I offer a friendly approach and counseling environment. Recently told by a client that I was “the most approachable” Dietitian she had ever met.
  • I endeavor to give you the best possible value for your time and money. I believe in listening to YOU.
  • Please read here for what should be included in a good Dietetic consultation

Fees (as of January 2019)

Diabetes Services

Basic package – 2 × 1-hour appointments over a month £170
Control Package – 3 × 1-hour appointments over 3 months £250
Standard consultation -1-hour appointment £90
Review appointment -30 minutes £50
Email Consultation package- personal plan and email support 1 month £120

AM Dietetics services

The number of consultations necessary depends upon your individual circumstances, although it is advisable to be seen at least twice within 6 weeks of each appointment

Express appointment (1x telephone consultation, quick diet review, summary & information pack) £45
Standard consultation- 1-hour appointment (face to face) £90
Review appointment -30 minutes £50
Email Consultation package- personal plan and email support 1 month £120
FODMAPS (IBS) package – 3× 1hr appointments £250
Weight Management package-1 hour & 4 × 30 min appointments £250
Non-Diet Package – 4 × 1 hour – 90 min appointments £350
(includes workbook)
Dietary analysis and report £40

Travel time charged at halftime (£45 per hour) plus 45p/mile for mileage for appointments at locations other than my usual clinic/s.

Group Programmes/Workshops- when offered (subject to numbers)

Non Diet Package – 4 × 2 hr sessions
FODMAPS (IBS) package – 3 × 2 hr sessions
Single workshop session – 2 hrs

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