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by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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Have a nutrition question you have been wondering about?

I’ve been pleased to see quite a few questions sent in to me via email or the contact form and thought it would be a good idea to have an “Ask the Dietitian” post this month, to give you the opportunity to ask questions, have questions answered/responded to and to get the benefit of seeing answers to others’ questions.

I will post the questions and short answers to as many as I can -as my next blog post.

If you have a Nutrition/Diet question you have always wanted to ask or need clarity on; please feel free to:

  • comment below or
  • email on anne@northwestnutrition.co.uk or
  • to use the Contact Form

You can be anonymous if you like. No problem.

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Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

Anne is a Health Professions Council (HPC) registered dietitian (RD), an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD- Australia), a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), a member of the British Dietetic Association, The Nutrition Society and of The Dietetics Association of Australia.


  1. Hi Anne,

    Probably sounds like a really stupid question. Does sat fat, mono and poly unsaturated fats provide the same Kcals as ‘fat’ per gram i.e. 9.4?



  2. Hi Jenny, not silly at all. Yes, they do have the same KCal :0)

  3. Hiya,

    My Mum is currently having chemotherapy & she’s been told she needs to increase her protien. Is there any products you could recommend to help boost her protien levels, natural if poss.

    She doesn’t eat much as it is so food intake alone wouldn’t be that much of a boost.

    Thanks, Carrie.

  4. Hi Carrie. I’ve answered your question as part of a blog post. Hope it helps.

  5. Fantastic response. Many thanks for the advice.

  6. I’m challenged with a few medical problems . My question is if I give the results of a blood work up to
    A dietitian can they analyze it and prepare a diett to help rid some of my problems

  7. Hi Frank
    Yes, a dietitian can have a look at your blood results and see what they can suggest to improve and problems you may have. I’m assuming you already have a diagnosis of some of your problems.


  8. Hello Anne, I want to lose a few kilos. I consume approx. 400 ml milk per day in total. Would changing from full cream to lite milk help me with weight loss or make little difference? This would be in conjunction with other changes as well, of course. Thanks, Jackie.

  9. Hi Jackie.
    Full fat milk (400ml) is about 285 KCal and for the same amount, skimmed milk is around 25 KCal. (Using Australian values). I guess you could save 1820 KCal a week by changing, so if you are working on weight loss by reducing calories, it may be well worth it. (mid range milk only saves you around 80 KCal/day)

  10. Hi Anna
    I have questions about supplment tablet to burn fat as Frosklinfitbro
    I tired to lost weight just 7kg but nothing work

  11. Hi Rania
    I’m sorry to say that, as yet, there are no successful fat burning supplements. I don’t recommend any.You will be better looking at your diet, activity and lifestyle and making small changes which will last.

  12. hello,
    my name is Saybah and my little sister has been a Pescatarian for 6 month now and she unknowingly ate meat at school and she freaking out about it. my family are African and my mom cook meat all the time but my sister only eat the soup but not the meat. does that even make her a Pescatarian? do she have to star over again? she has been really sad and your reply will mean so much to me so I could help her.


  13. Hi Saybah,

    As you might know, as pescatarian is someone who chooses to eat a plant-based diet, (doesn’t eat meat), but will eat fish. Just because your sister accidentally/unknowingly ate meat once doesn’t mean she is no longer a pescatarian or has to “start again”. She wasn’t to know. She just needs to put it behind her, to be a little more careful and to go on eating the way she chooses. Tell her not to worry xx

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