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White Bean and Tomato Cassoulet- in the slow cooker

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

Posted on Sep 24, 09:53 PM in and . Comments [3].

Tomato and bean soup

Someone asked for some good vegetarian slow cooker recipes today and I found this little beauty. A cassoulet, originating in the south of France, is a slow cooked bean stew. This recipe suits a slow cooker well.

Slow cookers are an absolute necessity for the busy cook who wants to make sure his or her family eats well. Having a meal which can be quickly prepared in the morning, is cooking all day and is ready when you get in tired from work takes away the temptation to grab a quick take-away or bung “something and chips” in the oven. They are great for using up leftover vegetables too, as you can put just about anything in to make a stew or casserole.

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