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Why moderation isn’t as boring as it sounds.

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

Posted on Jan 21, 01:21 PM in and . Comments [1].

Sometimes being a Dietitian just isn’t “sexy”. No, seriously! We can sound like old stick in the muds, trotting out the old “everything in moderation” line when others in the wide and varied world that is nutrition; may be encouraging that “new” lifestyle diet, (you know what I’m sayin’ – ala the newest super food, paleo, raw, sugar free, “clean”). These new super shiny “lifestyles” can sound like just the thing……
“From now, I’ll only eat “clean” and never let the poison that is- (insert latest “bad” food group here)- touch my lips. My body is a temple “.……..sounds good, doesn’t it?

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