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Nutrition in the News- trustworthy?

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

Posted on Jan 23, 02:01 PM in . No comments.

There are so many nutrition stories in the papers these days. People are interested and this is, of course, great. It can be a little tricky. There is so much and from various sources and a lot of the stories can be conflicting. It’s so confusing for people when the latest miracle food can prevent cancer one day and cause it the next. I can recall so many times when clients have come to my clinics to see me, holding the latest paper with the newest diet or the most recent nutrition claim. I learnt very quickly that I had to keep up with the papers (and the studies around the stories), so I can answer my clients’ questions on whatever the newest craze or claim is. Even glancing through the papers today, I can see at least six nutrition stories in print or online.

The articles look convincing but can we really trust what we read in the papers every time?

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