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Individual nutrition counselling is only one part of the work that I offer.
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My services include:

  • workplace health and corporate healthy living days
  • teaching, training and lecturing
  • social media, writing and promotion
  • project work

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Workplace Health and Corporate Healthy Living Days

The growing prevalence of chronic diseases in the United Kingdom is having an impact not only on individuals but also on UK businesses. A 2013 report showed that on average, UK workers miss 9.1 days of work per year due to sickness, nearly double the amount that workers in the US take at 4.9 days of sickness per year, four times more than their counterparts in Asia Pacific (2.2 days) and still higher than Western Europe (7.3 days).

Employers can bear the costs of chronic diseases and ill health. Did you know that sickness and absenteeism costs UK companies £29 billion each year?

According to the Office of National Statistics, the main causes of sickness absence in the UK are:

•Musculoskeletal conditions – i.e. neck and back pain
•Minor illnesses like the common cold
•Mental health issues including depression, anxiety and stress

All of these can be related in some way to poor diet.

Poor diet can impact the workplace, not just through absenteeism but also through poor performance, poor cognition and fatigue.

More and more employers are now investing in workplace wellness programs.

The advantages of investing in workplace health include

  • increased productivity
  • higher staff morale
  • higher retention rates
  • reduced accidents at work
  • reduced absenteeism.

AM Dietetics offers the following services to boost your company’s productivity:

  • individual consultations – full sessions or mini MOT
  • seminars and nutrition workshops – tailored to meet the needs of your staff
  • nutrition articles and communications
  • workplace canteen review

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Teaching and Lecturing

Are you looking for a credible and dynamic speaker for your next program, meeting, workshop or wellness event? Anne offers group seminars and education sessions- for the public, businesses and health professionals.

I am an experienced and sought after lecturer and public speaker, who will entertain and inform your audience. I am a fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy and have a postgraduate diploma in education, (Aus).

My most recent speaking and lecturing experience includes:

  • Mental Health and Diet- Australian Veterans Association
  • Dietitians and Social Media – King’s College University, London
  • Diet and Menopause
  • Food and Mood
  • Nutrition for the elderly
  • Adolescence and nutrition
  • Dietetic Careers – John Moores University, Liverpool, UK
  • Module teaching – University of Chester, UK
  • Professional Perspectives (Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • Professional Perspectives in Human Nutrition
  • Clinical Medicine and Pharmacology
  • Nutritional Management of Diabetes Across the Lifespan
  • Therapeutics and Diabetes
  • The Health Care Scientist and Patient Care.

Please contact me for more details on speaking sessions for your organisation

Social Media, Writing and Promotion

I have a love for helping people find their best way to healthy eating, for clinical practice and for Nutrition Communications in the form of print, social media and presenting. I have given expert commentary for articles in Weight Watcher’s Magazine, The Daily Mail Newspaper and on BBC Breakfast Radio. I also write for health blogs and magazines, such as Dental Hygiene and Therapy Magazine (UK)

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