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Greek style lamb, potato and rosemary kleftiko (in the slow cooker)

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

Posted on Oct 11, 10:11 PM in . Comments [3].

Garlic and rosemary

There is talk of cold weather on its way. Frost will be setting in over the next few weeks. Its a great opportunity to use the slow cooker and plan ahead to make sure you aren’t going for “quick and unhealthy” convenience meals when you get in from a long day. It’s the very end of the lamb season, which means you can get some nice strongly flavoured lamb, just suited to this recipe.

Some people are afraid to use lamb as it appears to be quite a fatty meat. These days you can get some good lean cuts of lamb but you will find that a large proportion of the fat in lamb is unsaturated, which is good for you. Lamb is also high in iron and zinc so don’t be afraid to have it now and again.

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