My grocery highlights?

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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Today I was sent an email from a supermarket chain that I occasionally shop with. In truth, I am not that loyal to one particular store but more-so I tend to shop around. I find that some items are available in one or another store and I also get really bored when shopping in the same supermarket over time.

So the email?
A run down of my 2021 shopping habits.
So let’s see how I shopped (bearing in mind this is my “top up” store). I shopped with them 66 times

My most purchased item? Semi Skimmed Milk 2.27L (4 pint)
Second most purchased item? Seeded Bread

Apparently I bought 432 portions of fruit/vegetables, which is about 6.5 portions each time I shopped.
23% was chilled food, 34% was food cupboard (likely my obsession with tins of chopped tomatoes, kidney beans and chick peas).

Ok so here is the bad news, the third most popular item on my list was the once a week treat I have from that store – a small bottle of (brand name not to be mentioned) diet cola.
And I am a prolific buyer of cat food! Thanks to our two fluffy girls.

How do you think your shopping would rate? What do you think your most purchased item was last year?

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Anne Myers-Wright

Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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