Need to make a pizza dough? Just 2 ingredients!

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a Home Economist talking about cheap, quick and easy meals. (Yes, it was MY kind of radio show!). I was intrigued to hear a throw away reference to a really easy pizza dough made from just two ingredients – flour and yoghurt- so I had to investigate.

There are always times when we just want to make something that’s cheap, quick and easy and pizza is a great meal which fits the bill, is usually liked by most of the family and can be made to be relatively nutritious as well with vegetable toppings, some lean protein and good quality cheese. Whatever you want really!

If you are a bit desperate and have flour in the cupboard and some yoghurt lurking about in the fridge, here is the recipe:

1 cup SR flour (I will try to experiment with other flours- see below)
1 cup greek style yoghurt/plain

It’s probably not a great idea to use your strawberry yoghurt for this one!

All you need to do is combine and stick with it for the kneading until you get a ball of pizza base dough. (you will probably need a little bit of extra flour for the rolling bit).Then choose your toppings, make your pizza shapes by rolling out on a board and a quick and easy meal is created!

Enjoy trying this one . The kids can do it as well. Great opportunity to get the kids into the kitchen.


As a reader has so rightly pointed out, white flour isn’t necessarily the healthiest of food choices to have regularly. I would recommend this as a budget, quick and easy family fallback and would also caution on portion sizes. I will try to experiment with a few different flours including wholegrain, spelt and maybe a few more. I’ll get back to you on how they turn out.

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