Mexican Bean Soup

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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Dinner tonight? By my son’s request, I am making Mexican Bean Soup.
It’s super easy .

I use 500g turkey mince and brown it with an onion and some sliced peppers- green, red and yellow. (I use the whole traffic light system with this one). Then I just pop this all in a soup pan and add a tin of tomatoes, a tin of sweet corn, a tin of kidney beans, small tin of tomato paste or passata (200ml) and some chicken stock,(around 400ml and low salt if you prefer).

For the mexican part, I flavour with some taco or fajita mix.

I serve this with a bit of sour cream and flat bread. (I don’t eat the bread myself as it doesn’t need it but my husband likes it).

Turkey mince is quite lean , and cheaper than beef mince, and the soup is thick and chunky enough to be called a meal. The peppers, (capsicum), and corn add colour and extra vitamins and the kidney beans bring the GI down whilst adding more protein, fibre and folate!

It warms up really nicely the next day too so great for a lunch flask/thermos.

The ingredient list is a bit loose as you can play around with how you like it! I hope you do.

And sorry, food photography is not my thing!

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