The Non Diet Approach to weight concerns - set yourself free from restrictive eating

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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You may have noticed, when browsing through my website, that I offer both traditional and “Non Diet” approaches to weight concerns. Wondering what this Non Diet Approach is and if it might be for you? Consider these questions.

Has “dieting” dominated your life? Have you tried endless amounts of diets and fads? Have you struggled to keep any lost weight off? Are you sick of being stuck in the “yo-yo” cycle? Are you preoccupied with food, have rigid ideas about food and guilty feelings about eating? Have a scale obsession?

Want to be “set free”?

It could be that the Non Diet Approach is for you.

What is the Non Diet Approach?

The Non-Diet Approach is a way of coaching clients towards a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. This approach steers away from weight loss being the sole focus and, instead, places it on overall well-being & health promotion. It allows you the opportunity to consider your relationship with food with no judgement.

The Non-Diet Approach is an evidence based approach to improve quality of life and health without restrictive dieting. It is a more gentle approach, many of the techniques are psychologically based which may be more helpful for those clients who have numerous failed weight loss attempts and a history of chronic dieting.

The Non Diet Approach to weight concerns is an eating approach which includes:

• Supporting self-esteem and body acceptance
• Improving your relationship with food
• Learning to get in tune with your body’s internal hunger and fullness signals
• Mindful and intuitive eating
• Achieving a natural weight
• Non-restrictive eating
• Total well-being rather than weight as the primary focus
• Encouragement to partake in joyful movement

I will be posting some blogs with more on each of these points over the next few months.

If you would like to talk to me to discuss more or to book in to start on your journey to being set free -please email on or you could contact me via the website contact form

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Anne Myers-Wright

Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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