New Clinic Notice - Camp Hill, Brisbane

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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Yay, I have a new clinic room. The clinic is located at :

31B Samuel Street, Camp Hill, Brisbane. (This is the CPAP building for those who know it.)

It’s a lovely building with off road parking and wheelchair access. The rooms are nice too!

Clinics will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or by special arrangement.
Medicare rebates apply under Chronic Disease Management Plans.

Please phone : 0488635861 or email : to make an appointment.

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Got my Kefir on

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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I finally went and got myself some Kefir grains so I can try out homemade brewing of the stuff.

Kefir? You ask. Kefir is pretty much a fermented milk drink. (I am using milk Kefir, although there is a”water” version of it as well.).

When you hear fermented milk drink, basically think ….probiotic drink.

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Sorry honey, it's sugar!

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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One of my Dietitian friends recently reviewed a “low sugar” cookbook that is currently being marketed by a UK “personality”. It turns out the recipes are pretty much full of sugar, in the form of honey in most cases. At the end of the review article, were many, many comments about honey not being sugar. I often see “low sugar” recipes which use honey as the sweetener and am sorry to say, yes, it’s a sugar.

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Detox - time for a new way of thinking

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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As a Dietitian who was trained “old school”, I have always cringed at the old “detox” claims. I guess, for someone trained in the science of nutrition and the human body, it is hard to get out of the zone of thinking in a certain way…. “No way, what??” “There is no DETOX diet. There is no detox, rehab aside guys. The liver does a lovely job doing that on its own, you guys are crazy!”
Yeah, I do admit, I still do that cringe when I see 3 day juice cleanses and odd packages of detox drinks sold in some stores and still suffer from (pdpss) post dinner party shock syndrome after being informed by someone that “toxins escape through the soles of your feet” but I think we need to look at the term detox in a new light.

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My kind of homework - kids' healthy recipes

by Anne Myers-Wright RD/APD

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Last week, my son’s year 4 class had the kind of homework I love.
The kids had to find a healthy recipe and record themselves cooking. I’m pleased to say that my son chose a really simple recipe. (Not the least because we were in the middle of moving house and all of my kitchen was packed up at this stage!)

So what did he choose? A smoothie!.

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